From Now Unto Ever




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Antonio Vivaldi “A Rain of Tears”





From now unto ever
Forever the same
Beneath the fell of moon that waned
Each day to night and night to day
For his was an enlightened age
His whitened face dressed wide array of hideaways for blinding pain
Each pore a spore facilitating breathing him to life again
His heart had ceased to beat each day that slipped away from grasp
There seemed to be a need too great to bid release to fading past
Parading mask was not his way
For masquerade exasperated
No point left remained to prove
With every move exaggerated
Gently he removed the veil
His eyes were true
His lips were pale
For underneath the sky of blue
The sun refused to tip the scales


From now unto ever
Forever the same
Yet, heretofore at brisker pace
Akin to rose in crystal vase
His petals unfurled softly
Naked to the bones below which flowers grew in hope remote
That meadow bloom would soon resume
Its echo boom through yellow plume
Across the rape seed at innate speed
Feeding seeded smiles for miles
While his gaze embraced through brave deed
Faithless seeders in denial
There were places in his mind reprised from aeons long forsaken
One swan song for everlong if only reawakened


From now unto ever
Forever the same
A fairy tale in making
Such was simply way of one untouched by riddled gaze
For neither up nor down portrayed
The same scene famed as middle plains and there would be no further need for heedlessly mistaking
Magic had been tragically miscast
Until the sun and moon through passed
It was written in the eulogy of dying stars reborn
The epitaph of each hereafter tattered up and torn
Worn down to the ashen remnants
Fashioned forsworn independence
Planted roots unshorn mistruth
And smouldered in impassioned embers
Life began one mid-September morning
Dawn inspired
Ended in late January
Venturing to light
Born again
From now unto ever
Forever the same
Be that day
Be that night
For each fable enabled to strangers’ delight
Was a shade of he too great to leave behind
His whitened face dressed in the faith of the blind
Forever the same way inclined






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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