One Small Deed, In Kind

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Phaeleh “Trails of Light”

One small deed of kindness
Is all that it need take
To wake a heart in slumber
Offer comfort to relieve the ache
‘Tis a cure for blindness
A tonic for most chronic pain
Midst fallen autumn leaves
‘Tis both the sheaf and golden grain

Kindly words are mightier than swords of carbon steel
Discharging inertia to replace with ardent zeal
Set aside the crops of wither just to see the garden filled with first-rate view to some place far afield
Whether hatred or strife
Whatsoever betides us
Obliging eyes stride along knife edge to guide us
Can teach us to feel, thus reveal touch of Midas
Richen the yield of the garth deep inside us
Massage the arteries party to impediment
Assuage the masterpiece floundering in sediment
Boundaries then fall away
Illustrate the broad array of ways to paint a canvas free of borders, easel, frame

One small deed of kindness
Is all that it need take
To break the curse of centuries
Give blessing to blind faith
‘Tis thought food for the mindless
An interlude from chronic pain
Through all four seasons passing
‘Tis both sunlight and the rain

The bleak midwinter of our discontent
Is that much more defoliated absent of dear friends
Matters not how often
Only that our voices soften when we grab a spray encouraging the nourishing of stems
Precious little memories require the same in effort to invent
Only takes a solitary moment to reflect
Even less to lend the strength to venture to the full length mirror
In a state of absolute undress
Not perceive the ghastly sight our austere minds suggest
For we’re more keen exfoliating thanks to dearest friends
Besides, the skin is merely gown of no real great renown
To those composed to seeking deeper than our marble frowns
Emperors with new clothes, robes of sparkle, jeweled crowns
Kings and queens as seen by kings and queens of same devout

One small deed of kindness
Is all that it need take
To be a little more forgiving
Not be quite so quick misgiving
‘Tis a cure for ignorance
Brief intermission for most chronic pain
In thick mists of disdain
‘Tis kindest eyes and fairest face

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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