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a little belief goes a long way

can lend a wide smile at commencement of day
when clouds loom overhead
and they appear hell-bent on breaking
it’s a safeguarding umbrella
very finest insulation
cannot halt the storm from raging
yet can dissuade from making light of every glory set for waking
never once forsaking kind
no wasting time by faking smiles
disinclined to taking sides
for it reminds blind faith inspires


a little belief goes a long way


this is how we’re weightless, making strides
reminds us we needn’t feel forsaken
reawakens something unmistakable inside
helps us realize there are no limits
we may hop and skip each obstinate divot
at odds with opinion that our lives are finite
for there is no end to belief it elicits
blink and we may well unthinkably miss it
best we proceed with eyes and hearts wide
for the rules really need not be quite so explicit
when twinning our ticket to ride
holding on tight to delight in the flight
of two birds flying high midst incline of the skies


a little belief goes a long way


this is how we’re weightless when we rise
this is how scars commence to heal
this is our welcome to the blessed sense to feel
this is reason to reveal our wings at widest span
this is all four seasons even when they feel unplanned
this is the impetus to stand upon uneven grounds


a little belief goes a long way


but if we find ourselves in a state of doubt,
we grasp a flower bidding the mind empowerment to breathe…

we dream of luminescent lichens
growing green
on time-worn walls
of the legendary North Tower
of a purple palace
of a long-forgotten fantasy
that has always been felt
because we believe

and then it becomes so

within the North Tower
dance a King and a Queen
on a floor bright and shining
of aquamarine
for a love to withstand all eyes lacking faith
for a love to inspire all hearts wanting a way
to live wondrous fantasies
that have always been felt

all it takes is to simply believe

a safe place where we heal
in our heads and our hearts
lives the place where we feel
in this space, ne’er alone
we welcome you home
when dark clouds of life loom
King or Queen
doesn’t matter
take a hand and dance
smile wide at the day
rise and do this


belief goes a very long way





Empower is a Twin Flame Fusion composed by:

Ivy Blackwater


Richard Charles Stevens


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© Copyright: Ivy Blackwater™ Richard Charles Stevens™



Title design by Andy Van Scoyoc – The Lamentation Project



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