The Greatest Truth




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even in the darkest verse
he leaned towards the light
every day without delay
he dared to brave the night
some thought him pariah
others branded him a liar
which is why he wore the truth within his eyes
lying meant dying
this magical lion relied on more honest endeavour
should promise be made then with all vested power he would honour this now and forever
such was simply nature of a creature such as he
one who’d featured heavily in ongoing recovery
even in the darkest verse
he chose to cling to light
for this was something he felt was compulsory to breathe
even when his lungs were heaving
still had something to believe in
still had reasons left to bleed in faith that seasons change when grieving
still held onto fierce devout
that he could coexist without the need to be defensive
for attack lent no consensus
seemed senseless venting indignation
less than conscientious blazing trails of hate
when fate waited impatiently to state its case
precious few breaths left to waste
and fewer left to beg disgrace
even in the darkest verse
he led the line with blindest faith
that one fine day
horizons might just change to fit both light and shade
humankind would feel inclined to braid the twine of night and day
may have been pariah
but then good things come to those who wait
and this is why he chose to lounge in shade
precious few would see him true
and thus there was so much ado
to shine a light their dark place through
and lead them to the greatest truth
to find the peace within us all
benign belief to rise from fall
be kind, rewind to childlike
and recalibrate our minds
seek the wires that hide the truth
shed the tears to feed their roots
nothing need be left to lose
to find the gain in pains engaged anew
even in the darkest verse
he knew
that one fine day
the world would entertain
the greatest truth






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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