Tyson Fury—Undisputed




Title art by Ryan The Designer. Click image to visit his studio.



Inspired by and dedicated to one of the greatest global ambassadors for mental health – undisputed world heavyweight champion – Tyson Fury. An inspiration to all those who struggle with mental illness and living proof that it need not define us.



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Survivor “Burning Heart”





Witness the fitness of Gypsy King proud
Warrior brave too unchained to stay down
Family man with a brave heart triumphant
Came from nothing
Leaving with the undisputed crown


Vegas baby
Made it to the A-list baby
Trained and graduated daily
Yet, remained the same way facing
All-embracing life as you’re the kind of guy who’d sooner die than testify a lie
When you can death defy and justify your rise
Remind the voiceless of their choices
Give them something to rejoice in
Overcome the odds
Go toe-to-toe
And block hard knocks
In even flow
Outfoxing one opponent
Known to see us stunned and broken
Under oath to show the world the oyster shells that glow when opened


Down on our knees
We can reach for the skies
Even when beat
Undefeated we rise


Upgraded baby
Trading blows with no ifs, buts and maybes
Nothing shady
Stage invaded
Held the royal flush
And played it
Made it in spite of the demons that blighted your mind
Redesigned it as fight night paraded
Striding on defiant to the ring
And here’s the thing
You see, with mental health no longer shelved
Your tale to tell invests the wealth
This makes you a champion
Long before the gloves are raised
This ignites the lantern
With the fury of the great
Vegas baby
Good things come to those composed to wait


Down on our knees
We can reach for the skies
Holding all belts
To the ultimate prize
Tyson, your eyes tell a tale that inspires
Here come the boom
Undisputed we rise!




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. This needs to be posted everywhere possible and repeatedly plus tagged and hashtagged to death. I’ll see if I can do it on my Instagram as it’s a popular medium.

    Down on our knees
    We can reach for the skies
    Even when beat
    Undefeated we rise

    1. Thank you, Mouse. For every single wonderful thing you do. For your unwavering belief in my art, for riding atop my mane through the fiercest gales. For being an ambassaddor for kindness. I am blessed to have once shared a gestation sac with you. In essence, if not body.

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