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Vera Lynn “We’ll Meet Again”





The world needed a hero
To deliver us from brink
A veteran to go the distance
Teach the art of true persistence
Steady ship deemed fit to sink
With verity and wisdom
Someone with perspective to elect progressive vision


Humble to the bones
Below which beats a heart of gold
One hundred years young
And still the farthest cry from old
When the nights grew long and cold
Said heart could warm a nation
Teach the art of sheer determination long untold


The world needed a bold heart brave
Of generations passed
To show us all the only way to raise unchanging masts


With true Yorkshire grit
Flat refusal to quit
When the going gets tough and the edges close in
He summoned the spirit
Recovered deep within him
To break through the limits
Learn swansong and sing it
Teaching us all that we’re in it to win it
That victory knows no defeat
When approaching his centenary


Inspiring the faith
To defy odds
Make great every dream we forsake by betraying our nature
Teaching alliance far-reaching of triumph to reach for the peak of the glacier


The world needed a veteran
To set each goal with fierce resolve to better them
And even at a hundred years
I’ve nary seen a halfway finer specimen
Rising to the challenge has an ever gallant point of glowing reference
Captain Tom
Of 8th Battalion, Duke of Wellington’s unchallenged Regiment
Never say die will has been famed testament


We shall get through this and come out far stronger
With grace and humility


One sunny day
When we all meet again
It will be to march keen in your name
When the world needed braves
There was you
And the way out was to simply walk straight through





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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1 Comment

  1. This is a beautiful tear jerker bursting with inspiration. The last line:

    “And the way out was to simply walk straight through” ❤🌈🛡

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